Quex, a lexical analyzer generator.

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It is ...

... a tool to generate lexical analyzers. A lexical analyzer is a program that transforms a stream of characters into a stream of 'atomic chunks of meaning', so called tokens.


It is licenced under LGPL Version 2.1.

It does ...
  • generate directly coded lexical analyzers, rather than table based engines.
  • respond to queries on Unicode properties and regular expressions on the command line.
  • generate state transition graphs of the generated engines.
It has ...
  • Many examples.
  • Modes that can be inherited and mode transitions that can be controlled.
  • Line and column number counting as part of the generated engine.
  • Include stacks for include file management.
  • Support for indentation based analysis (INDENT, DEDENT, NODENT tokens).
  • Path and Template compression for minimal code size.
  • Two token passing strategies: 'queue' and 'single token'.
  • Support for customized token types.
  • Event handlers for fine grained control over analyzer actions.
  • Buffer management providing tell&seek based on character indices even with dynamic size character codings (e.g. UTF-8, UTF-16).
Download Documentation Project Bugs Here, Please!